Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Travel 50 and Beyond

Traveling can be one of the most thrilling adventures you take in your lifetime. Once the kids have left the house and you are now back on your own, is the perfect time to travel. Take for instance the couple on this seasons' "The Amazing Race". They have survived to travel around the world with younger people. What does it show? When you are older, you can still travel and have the time of your life.

That's why I recommend Travel 50 and Beyond Magazine which is written and designed specifically for readers 50 and older.

Travel 50 and Beyond offers tips on getting terrific senior discounts on airfares, hotels, rental cars and attractions. The magazine features top weekend getaways, beautiful driving vacations and irresistible undiscovered places.

Traveling is the best gift I have given myself and highly recommend experiencing the world.

To your future travels.


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