Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Cycling Lake Geneva

A view of Lake Geneva
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With a lovely view of the Dents du Midi in the background, you can never have an aweful view when visiting Montreux.

Much of the Lake of Geneva can be easily accessed via bike, and I would highly recommend it myself, espcially in the spring and summer months. There are benches which are mapped throughout Montreux to Vevey which tell a story from the area.

If you choose to bike, take a ride from Montreux either along the main drive or on the quai next to the water to Villeneuve. Once there keep going towards Bouveret. You can cut through the camp ground area in Villeneuve which is a great short cut.

Once in Bouveret, take a rest. This takes about 30 km round trip from Montreux to Bouveret. Many people actually do this, so you won't be alone.

If you are up for it, you can bike along the road all the way to Evian, with passport in hand. Then take the boat back to Lausanne and train back to Montreux once again. If you decide to do this ride, it would be 54 km to Evian and then another 20 back to Montreux.

It's really worth the trip. Make sure you have your camera with you as the ride is so scenic and beautiful!


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