Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Swiss Glaciers Melting Away

I'm not sure if you have ever visited a Glacier but Switzerland does have a few of them in this small country. As a result of Global Warming, we suspect this has had a dramatic effect resulting in the shrinking of glaciers.

The Gurschen Glacier in Andermatt, (located in canton Uri), has actually dropped 20 metres over the past 15 years. As if that wasn't enough, the ski hill has been forced to construct a snow ramp on top of it to give skiers access to the runs.

A Swiss Company has developed a reflective high-tech material is designed to stop the Gurschen glacier from melting away beneath the resort’s upper cable-car station.

If over the course of the summer, this high-tech material will be used at other ski resorts around Switzerland. There are actually over 90 Glaciers existing in Switzerland alone.

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