Monday, May 23, 2005

Weather in Switzerland

Some people traveling to Switzerland might want to know a bit more about what is happening with the weather. For some cases, I think Vancouver Canada weather is a bit like that of Switzerland... Not to say this is exact, more just my observation.

The current weather temps range from 10C to 24C in most areas of Switzerland. Here is a quick break down of temps.

Basel 20C
Bern area 19C
Lausanne 21C
Valais 23C
Ticino 24C
Higher Oberland -3C
Pilatus (about 0C or cooler)
Jungfrau (-8C or cooler)
Lucern 18C
St Gallen 17C

Lows are down to about 1C....

I think spring/summer is finally hitting. The weather should start getting better - Forcasted for 20C tomorrow and 27C on Thursday... (Lausanne Region)

However, the Swiss have a reputation for actually being precise on weather predictions. Check out metro swiss for better predictions.

They've got an incredible explanation on the different types of clouds too! Check it out at

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