Sunday, July 03, 2005

Best of Travels Europe

Before I set off to Europe, I love getting a bit of inspiration from Rick Steves through his DVD collection. Much of his video's have been shown one time or another on a travel show but they never seem to be there when I want.

I've actually gotten a few DVD's of Switzerland which were incredible to watch. However, one note that is important is to be careful if you are buying a dvd in Europe as the code type might not convert to your dvd player in the States. They use type 2 and in north america, type 1 players are used.

Rick Steve'svideos are very inspirational and informative. He either goes on many of these trips which he has sought out or he has people who live in the area for periods of time doing research. His products are also great because much everything is backed by his group of people who do tours from spring and summer months.

With that price, Rick Steves is worth checking out....

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