Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ah Wimbledon

As Wimbledon comes to an end and Roger Federer marks his 3rd Wimbledon crown, a new generation of Swiss tennis stars don't seem to be following. In fact, the latest figures indicate that the number of tennis players in Switzerland has been falling steadily over the past few years.

It's almost a sad fact but with many Swiss sports falling short of top world positions, many Swiss have been hoping Federer might just change that around to become more of a trend like Agassi. According to Swiss Info "These days the same kind of thing is happening with Nadal. He looks like a tennis hero, whereas Roger is more of a tennis artist and perfectionist."

One thing is for certain, Federer enjoys his time out in Basel like any other 23 year old from Switzerland. In fact, he can be spotted at a few local bars and hang outs in his time off. I've even spotted him out, but there isn't any type of spectacle that goes on when he arrives.

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