Saturday, July 02, 2005

Go Lance Go

Le Tour de France got off to the official start today. For those of you interested in following along it's broadcasted on OLN. As far as I remember, you can see it broadcasted live every day on OLN - Channel 49 for Canada.

The first leg was short and a fast time trial. Lance was inched out for 2nd place behind 029 ZABRISKIE (USA, CSC). They are only 2 seconds apart. However, that is surely not what Lance is aiming for and probably not what is on his mind. He's still over a minute ahead of most of his competitors such as Ulrich who is 1:08 behind. Looks like the two dominate teams are CSC and DSC who had 4 riders place in the top 25.

So as the first stage has ended, it seems the American's have quite a strong showing this year. More to follow of course... only 22 more days!

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