Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Bit Off Pace

It seems like today I am doing nothing rather normal. I woke up to find I had to reboot my computer. Quite an annoying process when you really don't know why it behaves the way it decides to behave.

After not getting anything done this morning (yesterday was quite the opposite), I proceeded to go out for a run which lasted about half way until I got a wonderful stomache and decided to just walk instead of suck it up and keep running. Guilt really sets in when I do this. I usually tell myself it's fine to take a break especially since walking is great for your body too and stimulates other areas of your system. At least that is what I have gathered from my current read.

I'm now procrastination about taking some beautiful fall pictures. And why? I really don't know. I've got an awesome camera. But I guess we have our unproductive days at times and although my day hasn't been that bad, I still really haven't done anything I needed to do.

At least I was purely entertained by thisfish.com and her crazy crazy life about dating men. Come to think of it, I think I could relate at some time, but I'm certainly glad I don't have to play that game anymore.

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