Friday, September 23, 2005

Work Permits

I've been working on small issues lately on my work permit as it's getting closer to my renewal date, or at least I thought so.... I called the Immigration office and I was treated human like! It was such a relief, it actually got me a bit excited.

I was actually a bit stunned because I'm always treated like an idiot. This is my second great experience with Immigration Canada and such a nice change to all other immigration offices I've EVER had to deal with. Really, I'm so stunned at how nice Canadians are towards my questions which are specific to me and cannot be answered via any website.

So who has treated me so badly - It's not really that hard to figure out.
US Consulate - no surprise here.
French Consulate - I was treated more like every person should know the obvious answer. Just think - it should pop out of your ass soon!

Swiss Consulate - Although my experiences here in Switzerland were much better than all of my other experiences, I've still felt incredibly uncomfortable at all times. I've also heard many horror stories from numerous friends who have had a few issues themselves.

Here are 3 cool pictures to end the day..

The above pic is an August Sunset in Lausanne

Jen Standing Atop Hard Kulm - Interlaken on a Cloudy Day

Terrace view Interlaken

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