Thursday, September 22, 2005

Imagine a Car-Free Day

It's so tough for me to imagine a day without zooming cars everywhere. Not in Switzerland. BUT at least in North America where public transportation is a far cry from "good". I've lived in California for most of my life and if you were to ask anyone what type of transportation they use, I would bet 98% would say their own car (minus San Francisco).

I guess the only way you can really make sure people use public transportation is to force it upon them when parking is practically impossible. Well I guess there are a few places where you just want to use public transport that I know of. That would be San Francisco, Paris, England, the Netherlands and New York City, and by choice in Switzerland..

I'd love to see the world using public transport as much as they do in Switzerland, even if you settle for riding your bike everywhere too. It brings back such great memories with all of my many bike rides from Switzerland to France to Germany or the Netherlands and Belgium.

Tomorrow I'll post a few pics if I can find them from a few of my rides. Ah as fall hits, it gets colder and riding gets all too painful to want to even attempt. I guess I'll be waiting until next year...

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