Thursday, September 22, 2005

Village Clean up Still Exists

As hurricane Rita braces to hit the gulf coast and we keep helping the people affected from hurricane Katrina, Switzerland is still on the mend as well. In the small village of Oey of the Bernese Oberland, these Swiss people are still cleaning up from the dreadfull landslides and torential rains which hit Switzerland on August 22nd.

Just in case you had no idea where the village of Oey is, I've found it via Swiss Maps. Oey is a small little village, near Erlenbach im Simmentall and Diemtigen, and just a bit away from the Lake of Thun and the city itself.

Here's one photo we took just before all of the storms which is overlooking the lake of thun and possibly over towards those villages.

You can read the full article from Swiss Info.

And one final pic which was taken as we were hiking to the top of this hill. As you can see, the Alps are already there. The picture above is the view you got when you eventually got over the hill. Just incredible - the entire Bernese Oberland...

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