Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Last Day of Summer

fall leaves 2005As we celebrate the last day of summer, and my favorite time of year, I decided to take out my mini camera and take a few quick snaps of my favorite tree down the street. Yes summer is my favorite time of the year, especially here in BC where temps don't really get too hot before they start getting quite a bit cooler. The leaves on this tree are just incredible and I've come to wait for those wonderful leaves to appear again this year. What strikes me as well is how early this tree turns colors compared to all other trees in the area.

So here is a photo taken on Sept 20 from this year. Mind you that the sun was in the way of the best view. As well, I just don't know why but I love the sun light. It brings me happiness and joy and a chance to make sure I stay out late and enjoy nature a lot. As this time of year comes to an end, it saddens me a bit. I just don't like that feeling of running in the morning. It reminds me all too much of my early morning swims at 4:30am out in the cold outdoors. I prefer the warmer side of things thus probably why I love running in the early summer hours and don't mind the mild heat days here...

And here is a picture I took on the exact same day in 2004. They aren't the best photos and I still vow to actually get a decent shot, but that just hasn't happened. I think the blend of the red paint on the house just makes the tree look so lovely.
fall leaves 2004

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