Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Head Scarves Banned In Fribourg

Because head scarves are considered religious apparel, they are now being banned in schools in Fribourg according to a report by Swiss Info. After this ban took effect, two women who were working in an after school day care, refused to follow. There have been a few cases about head scarves since 2003 as I remember. But what is special about this ban is that headscarves are accepted and can be worn on the street.

I'm seeing that Swiss people are unwilling to accept multiple nationalities into their culture. I see this because places like the UK, Canada and the US celebrate cultural differences and want to let the differences in cultures be known. Sure it's hard to accept different cultures, but accepting them is part of embrassing new cultures and learning about their lives too.

I'm sure there are certain geographic areas where the cultures are more welcomed but this has become the norm. Isn't the US known as a melting pot of many cultures. I know Canada embraces different cultures and encourages everyone to learn more about all of the cultures. In fact, the Global morning show in Vancouver is doing that this week.

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