Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Is Organic Milk Good As It Claims

Well that is the question a few scientists in Bern were pondering. They claimed to have been able to notice enough differences in the 8 year study that organic milk is not any better than regular milk sold in Switzerland. They go far enough to say that organic milk may have more bacteria which could bear more disease.

But what about all of the antibiotics and other vitamins which go into the cow, wouldn't they have some effect on the people?

Here's a quote from the report on Swiss Info from Organic farmers.

"Organically produced foodstuffs offer better value because the animals are treated correctly - allowed to run around and mingle with other animals - and receive the right food. An organic cow is a happy cow that is not trained for maximum milk production.

"Making a profit is not the main concern of organic farmers."

The biggest fallacy I see with the report is that the scientists fail to mention the effects milk could have on people when all of the additives and antibiotics they put into those cows. Doesn't it come out somehow in what they eat? Well for now I'll side with the organic farmers until more evidence is out to support what we know see in people today.

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