Thursday, October 20, 2005

Vote on Your Mobile Phone

I can't believe it but it's true. The future of voting is in the hands of today's technology as Switzerland is allowing votes via mobile phones. Residents of Bulach will be using mobile phone text messages (sms) to decide speed restrictions in their town. Two other communities will have similar ballots to decide on to see if this type of voting is effective. The Federal authorities will then decide if they will be rolling out a text voting system throughout Switzerland.

According to a survey by the weekly newspaper Coopération, 57% of Swiss voters would welcome the opportunity to vote by text or by internet in future elections. I see a falacy with elderly people more than likely not knowing how to use text messaging as well as other people who just don't care to vote this way. I guess time will only tell if this type of voting will catch on. It's funny how times change.

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