Thursday, October 27, 2005

Look Out Coop & Migros Here's Aldi

The supermarket chain Aldi opens its doors today near the German border. The lucky new customers will be people who live near canton Thurgau in Weinfelden and Amriswil, Altenrhein in canton St. Gallen and in canton Aargau with Gebenstorf. Since these are all smaller communities, I'm not really sure too many people will even get word of Aldi's presence in Switzerland.

Coop and Migros have now launched expanded a lower priced products in order to compete with the entering of Aldi into the Swiss Market. Pick Pay recently bought out Denner which should also prove to help with Aldi's entering into Switzerland. The most interesting part of the report is Migros and Coop 73% of the market share in Switzerland.

For now, I don't think Aldi will be too much of a threat for the Swiss Marketplace.

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