Monday, October 17, 2005

Our Weekend

Well I think the weekend went way too fast, but when does it not. We still have a lot of preparations for the wedding and have been trying to diligently mark off a few more things on the list. I was very happy the weather cooperated for us on Saturday morning because I was going to scream if I didn't get in a really good sunny run. I guess growing up with sun for most of your life just does something to ya. We did have a great poker game night on Saturday, but really the weekend just flew by sans interesting photos...

With the teachers strike still going on, I'll have a bit different schedule again. It just makes for accomplishing things to be much more difficult. I'm also aware that my comments weren't working this morning. I hope they are back up because I can't seem to figure out what went wrong. Anyone else having trouble please let me know.

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