Monday, October 17, 2005

Sick of Your Husband?

It's interesting to know that 1/5 of Japanese are of retiring age. But that hasn't stopped One Japanese woman from letting her husband's retirement get her down.

Well at least after she figured out she was one of many woman in Japan suffering from RHS. Retired Husband syndrom happens when the ever demanding hubby makes you cook, clean and have no social life at all. I'm sure Japanese aren't the only one's that might be suffering from this syndrome.

It made me think of ms. mac's little scuffle over the weekend.(As ms. mac pointed out a totally unrelated type of scuffle.) So what about all of the other expats out there? I'm sure we have a bit of that same syndrome going around too. Maybe by reading this woman story will help you not to be a victim too.. Or at least get your husband to do a bit of cleaning from time to time.

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