Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cooking Classes For Kids

When I saw the headline Cooking Classes, I was immediately drawn in. Personally I'd love to take another cooking class. I'm not a great cook, but it's mostly because of fears of getting sick if I don't cook the food enough. Or the fact that I never helped with dinner because my schedule as an athlete never permitted me to help make dinner, ever. As a child, I always sat alone after my swim practice and gobbled up my dinner long after the family had eaten.

While I was living in Switzerland, I noticed most men loved to do the cooking in the house. I was just mesmerized by all of the different recipes everyone pulled out. As I grew up, I only heard of the horror stories of men who could never fend for themselves. I'm not saying everyone in Europe or Switzerland can cook, but I felt one reason was because I was told most everyone gets to take a course in cooking while they are in school. Of course, this was just from my observations from whom I met.

Just to investigate a bit more, I wanted to see if these types of classes actually existed on both continents. In DC, parents can go with kids or teens and learn how to make Sushi type meals. Outstanding!

In Montreux, kids can visit the Montreux Palace and partake in cooking classes for children. The goal is to introduce young kids to the culinary adventure and let them enjoy cooking. Don't think the cooking ends just there. Expats can also take a few courses in cooking. In Lucern area, cooking classes teach how to shop so you ensure always having the makings of a great dinner on hand. Learn how to plan for meals on hectic nights, and how to use basic recipe concepts to make endless variations all throughout Switzerland.

These classes sound like an great concept to me. If you have an open mind and are willing to see what they have to offer, I'm sure at least you will come up with one new meal to fix along the way. And well, where ever you might be, I'm sure one can at least pick up on some new meals for the culture you live in.

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