Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crazy Critters

I started off the morning laughing at the little cuttie** playing in the snow. Little Twister just couldn't stop having fun out in the yard with all the fresh white stuff.

He found a piece of wood that he started making into a snowball. Imagine that snowball underneath his little 6 inch gap of a belly and the snow. I actually had to drag him back inside. He looked at me like I was a party pooper or something, but it was cold out there and I really didn't want to watch him get me soaking wet from his snow ball party.

When I woke up this morning I heard busy little critters in the walls up to no good. I'm not really sure what type of rodent is in there, but it's something that is strong. I'm thinking it's a squirrel who decided to get into the DSL box and turned off the phone and internet lines by damaging all of the cables. The rodent is incredibly annoying and I wish I could board up his little hole and tell him off.

Luckily by the evening we got things working again but the pesky little creatures have been causing a stir. I wasn't able to do any work today as a result. Not fun!

So what do I do, take little Twist for a stomp in the snow down to the drug store. He was a hit with everyone as he was walking me to the store, leash in mouth and content as any little critter could be. I wish I had photos of him in the moment, but those are once in a lifetime shots that my tiny camera is not capable of handling. If I dragged out the D70 I would have been too excited if I got it wet and dirty so it stayed nice and warm in its case. But don't worry I'll be bringing it out for the wedding next weekend.

**This is my little cuttie. We were at school and he's wondering if I've gotten a good enough photo of him so that we can go outside and see the girls. Intelligent little fella, can't you see it in his eyes?

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