Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Feeling a Bit Unlucky

This morning I was quite busy. I was off from one place to the next and was able to squeak in finding a few Christmas gifts for my family who are coming up next week for our wedding. I wanted something a bit more unique that was Canadian. I think I fared out pretty well but I wish I had more time to look. As I got home, I had about an hour before I needed to pick up my wedding dress when I got the dredded message. We kind of slipped up and you can't come in yet. My Jaw dropped!

Today I heard that a seagull giving you a bit of a gift might be lucky. Although I've gotten that gift at least once in my life, I'm not so sure I've been so lucky today.

So I was supposed to pick up my taylored wedding dress. Instead, I was told that they completely messed up and didn't put my dress in the "too be taylored" pile. I'm a bit nervous with all of that since Ideally I need the dress by Sunday. So here's to holding my breath I can get my dress soon!

I'm glad I'm not really that much of a stress case. I do get impatient but it's mostly because I'm always on time and have things planned out well. Keep your fingers crossed for me that they hurry up with my dress!

** Good news update - They pulled strings and the taylor came in today especially to fix the goof up. So I can pick it up tomorrow. Now I don't have to worry as it is such a relief.

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