Thursday, November 03, 2005

Looking at Female Curlers in a Different Way

Before I came to Canada and met Mr. P, I really didn't know anything about Curling. Besides seeing curling on the olympics or passing through a tv station for a few seconds, that was probably the most I was ever exposed to the sport of Curling.

The other night, Mr. P came home to tell me about his new revelation. And boy was it one! The women of curling are getting noticed in a totally different way. I'm sure it's working to gain at least a few male fans. If you'd like to check out the revealing photo, go here to find out more.

I might add that my luck with running yesterday didn't turn out to be that great. When I started, I intended to jog in a light rain. But half way into my run and far away from home, I got drenched in a down pour. Oh well, I was laughing as I ran. At least I chose to wear my rain gear and at least my head and my arms stayed dry. My clothes were so wet by the time I got home that I had to resort to drying them in the dryer. The basement doesn't have heat and my gear wasn't dry even in late afternoon.

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