Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Sound of Music Turns 40

It's hard for me to really fathom that "The Sound of Music" is celebrating it's 40th birthday already. I'm guessing I was 5 years old when I watched the movie for the first time and thought I was such a grown up. I remember we watched it together with family in our ski cabin around Thanksgiving time at the ripe old age of 5.

Of course that was definitely not in 1965 and more like 1980. So in style just as Oprah puts out her 20th anniversary dvd, The Sound of Music is celebrating with it's 40th Anniversary DVD edition.

I saw a little interview last week with all of the actors now somewhere in their 40's or older. It caught my eye only now because I've traveled to Austria and would love to see more of the scenes. This particular photo/scene was shot from a helicopter and was incredibly hard to actually get correct because of all of the wind.

And yes I actually appreciate the Sound of Music now that I've lived in Switzerland and toured the area of Austria and Salzburg, much unlike I would have an appreciation at 5 years old. I guess for now, the movie takes me back to the area of the world where I'll always want to live.

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