Monday, November 14, 2005

Too Cute To Pass Up

Last Thursday, my partner in crime insisted on keeping me company. Little did I know his interior motive, as he followed me around like a shadow. This adorable guy wanted to come to school with me. Yes - I'm speaking of the 4 legged kind.

Twister enjoys only the best things in life. He insists on sitting in the front seat once everyone is out of the car, playing fetch until all of his toys are out of his box, and napping from the hours of 9am until 2pm. That's when I make him go outside for a walk. Yeah, you'd think he was a cat if it weren't for that charming face which you just can't say no to. And that happy tail wag that just melts you to pieces.

So insistent he come to school with me, he was such the talker. Well at least I could see him saying to me, "Do I know that person", as he sat just like he is in this photo which I took today.

Twister would then look away spot another person and turn to me to ask me if that was in fact someone we knew. Let me tell you the american cocker spaniel was just too adorable. Although his photo here is not his best, maybe you can imagine his personality coming out. He actually let me take his photo about 5 times. He's a real character. And had me laughing at his antics to try and imitate his sister.

So the weekend did have a few surprises for me in the form of beautiful flowers from my beau. Of course, I tried to get him to take a photo with me, but we never manage to stop laughing.

So happy that I actually remembered my camera at 5pm today, I was able to catch a couple of incredible snap shots, while driving. I'll just leave you with one...

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