Friday, December 02, 2005

Busy Days

The other morning while I was shopping, I saw an artist starting her designs for the shop window. I saw her magically draw some black plain outline of what appeared to be Christmas presents. But when I came back in the afternoon it was fully decorated Christmas stocking.

Still Impressive to me, so I took a quick snap shot as I walked past the shop still amazed what a person could do so quickly.

I've found myself running around like a chicken with its head cut off all week, as we near just over a week left before our wedding. P and I have written down the "list of things to do" and are just trying to check everything off and double check to make sure everything is correct. We don't want to find out something was forgotten.

I've picked up my wedding dress as I nervously wondered if it would fit. You know that "magic weight gain you don't know how it happened thoughts" were running in my head all week. Ah no problems, I looked great in dress said the wedding store lady. I personally felt dress fit perfectly and I shouldn't be worrying but still am.

I managed to network and found someone to do my make up which is a feat in itself considering that I'm set in my ways and still like going back to people I know from where I grew up in California. Plus the fact that I really don't wear much make up has something to do with it too.

As well, I contemplated relentlessly on what I should do about my hair. You know, should I wear my hair up. It's not long enough as it's still a bit shorter than my photo on the side of this blog. Wishing I could do more but really wishing I could just walk into my hairdresser in California.

I also tried to go Christmas shopping as I won't be seeing my family for Christmas, only for our wedding. Managed to do most everything without problems, so far at least. Well except for the pesky critters that have joined my living space where I spent most of the morning cleaning out the cupboards.

Next week will go quickly. I will have 3 days of work followed by 2 nervous days of showing my parents around Vancouver as well as making sure everything is complete for the wedding. I've heard there is some wonderful flower blooming at the indoor gardens where we are getting married even.

I'm not stressed but I'm definitely busy. A better way to really put it is that I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off. At least I've managed to take a few pics of it all.

This pic I took after walking down the hill to all of the stores. You can vaguely see the snow on the side after a day of sunshine and the mountains still full of snow. So more busy days are ahead but I'm not complaining because I'm busy which makes me happy.

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