Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Good Road Read

I'm a big sucker when it comes to buying travel writing books. I think it has to do with the travel bug and all of the excitement I've gotten since living Abroad. It's been incredibly hard to get me hooked on any type of book other than that lately. I think I'm drawn in like a magnet as it pulls me to the travel writers section of the bookstore without failure.

So when I saw "Road Reads" in the Washington Post the other day, I was just drawn in. Seeing the photo of foreign houses and a clear target audience of "those who want to see the world in the company of someone who loves to talk about it", I was reeled in.

The book as you would have it sells much cheaper on and is definitely A Way to See the World. I must admit, I trudged down to the bookstore in the snowstorm just to see if they had the book. I happily found a few other books that I refrained from buying for the moment. (My brain told me to buy the books but the wedding next week told me to hold off.) I've got my copy coming my way and can't wait to get started among everything else I should be doing too.

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