Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm On Vacation

Well at least I'm not working two jobs this week. I have a break from work for three days as the kids are off on spring break doing things I should be doing, like skiing.

I'm not complaining because the past 2 days have been so serene that it just makes you giddy and on a complete high from the awesome weather. We are actually en route to the warmest winter on record. I do have a few chores I've got to get ahead on, so I'm going to work on that and no so much on being a blogger.

In other news, I bought my first kinder surprise in Canada last week. They tell you what you get inside before you even buy the eggs. They have to do with tazmanian devils or some type of cartoon figure, but certainly not a Smart Car.

I'll just leave with another photo from our incredible weekend in Vancouver. And I know I'm not just the only one who thought that!

A tree near our place started springing up bright red berries. And of course the ski I could just look at for years on end.

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