Saturday, March 04, 2006

Storm Sweeps Throughout Switzerland

montreux snow FebruaryWith my memory of living in Switzerland, I don't exactly remember having a late winter storm like the one Switzerland is currently having. I remember wishing we could have just a bit more snow so that we could go up the hill sledding just one more time. But I certainly don't remember a storm which makes it feel like the beginning of February.

According to reports by Swiss Info, the Basel Airport had been closed for a while with flights being redirected probably to Zurich airport which wasn't in all much better shape. Some train lines had to be shut down near the Valais Canton Uri connector. And even worse news for some areas of the Valais where villages had to be evacuated because of "very high" avalanche risk.

With many people having high hopes of spring rolling out in full force, I guess nature had a bit of a different idea. But we can only make the best of what the weather gives us. So why not play in that snow and enjoy the few days which give us that.

Montreux March - Les Diablerets

This photos was taken on March 4, 2003 from Montreux near the upper highway and overlooking Les Avants and Les Diablerets.

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