Saturday, April 01, 2006

April's Fool

As today is April Fools day, I'm wondering who the fool really is. P keeps reading new stories which are just too outrageous to be true. How can Pam Anderson's breast implants just explode in front of her? Or what about Alaska now being part of Canada while New Brunswick just became part of the US says Harper. In other news, you can sign up for the new Google Romance.

In North America they were foolish enough to make April Fools day our time changing day, foolish if you ask me! So as today goes on, I think the joke will be more on us and what we have to figure out is true or not. I'm not so sure I'm liking being part of this day today. But if you are really into some great stories, you might as well read about the Swiss and their spaghetti harvest and a lot more.

If I find time, I'll have to post a few pics later on. I'm just a bit too drained for anything right now and we are off to run errands soon.

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