Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Photography Workshop Class

So today I made the trek into downtown Vancouver for an incredibly informational photography seminar. At first, I was quite worried that I would not get to enjoy my trek there because of rain. But the skies cooperated and the wet stuff didn't fall from the sky while I was out and about. Yeah!

What I can say for the photography workshop was that I gained a whole lot of new information which I hope I can apply into my photography. Now let me stress that this was not really a hands on "shoot and learn" workshop but rather more of an informational seminar on how to operate my Nikon D70 camera in more complex functions, the way it was meant to be used.

Now anyone who has an SLR camera or for that matter, a photoshop type editor, can try turning some color photos into black and whites. Just in case the tip changes next month, here's more of that information. See previous post for more information.

Google Picasa is also some good free software you should check out. I really was paying more attention to what was being said instead of snapping photos of the instructor and the slides on the white wall.

With that being said, I did snap a few shots of our "white balance" experiment, consisting of a white background and fresh beautiful flowers. The white balanace actually should be shown with various high's and low's if you've taken the photo correctly. I definitely need to study and practice this more but I've got a foundation to grow from. (Note the difference from the first photo which was shot in the correct mode, while the second is in auto and doesn't look nearly close to a white background.)

I came out with many different useful tips which I wouldn't have thought of before. Using the "Fine" image quality is very important because if you are using something like a normal format, then your photos can still come out grainy with much less pixel resolution than you "thought" you were using. Make sure you use a higher image quality or you won't be using your camera's full potential.

So I do hope to take a few more photos here and there as the flowers grow into full bloom. I was a bit tired after class and didn't want to take out my camera before getting back onto the bus. So P and I will just have to take a nice trek down town again to enjoy the scenary and take a few more beautiful snaps of Yaletown.

As long as I'm learning and growing, I'm happy. And I'm sure I just keep on growing.

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