Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Photo Workshop Part Two

There were a few other great tips which I didn't mention in yesterday's post which I thought I'd mention since my mind is racing at a million miles a second currently. So I tried out some of the new tips I learned this morning. I'm happy to say that I was able to get a much clearer and perfect color of the wood table. Deciding which photo I liked the most was the hardest part.

I was given this free magazine called PhotoMedia, which is based out of the Seattle area. There are an asortment of great articles inside including one by Louis Psihoyos (drop the “P” and think “sequoias”) who took that crazy photo of Bill Gates dangling high above a forest with cd in hand. Since a lot of what the magazine offers is also online, I'd highly recommend reading it if you are into photography.

Another wonderful tip I learned was about the memory cards you are compelled to buy with a digital camera. I bet you didn't know the high speed, high priced cards won't give you any benefit you can't get from the cheaper more affordable cards. So when faced with the choice of getting a high speed memory card over one that's got 1.0mb or 2.0 mb, go for the higher memory rather than the higher speed. The difference can only be seen by professional photographers.

** Added ** As well, the best and only way you should upload your photos from your camera to a pc is strictly through a memory card reader. I've got a multiple reader so I can use different cameras. If you have been using your camera and importing the photos straight to your computer, you may be damaging your memory card! I'm also curious to check out this D70 book I just found.

And since I'm still dreaming of sunny weather, I'll leave you with this photo from Yvoire.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a set of photos!

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