Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Part of Paradise

One of my fondest memories of Switzerland are all of the hikes and thermal baths I got to visit. Looking at the clear blue sky overlooking paradise might say it all, but I think the reason why this is so clear to me is because hiking is a very laid out and easy thing to do in any city in Switzerland. Thermal baths can be found probably in every canton of Switzerland including the Valais and are usually within a short hiking distance in sight. Sure it does help knowing locals who can give you some tips worth a thousand memories.

One of the most scenic areas carries on from Interlaken into the Valais and is certainly one of the most under visited areas around. What's so incredible about the Valais area is the feeling you get while driving on the autobahn through the mountains. Vineyards line the low levels of the valley along with luscious fruits throughout the summer months. Higher up you will find vast mountains leading to some of the highest peaks in the Alps making one feel like an ant upon the valley floor. The only way to describe it is as fascinating.

My most favorite thermal bath in canton Valais has to be Ovronnaz hidden among those chalets. Ovronnaz sits high up in the Valais and located exactly between Sion and Martigny. You start by traversing up a steep one lane road overlooking the famous Valais Vineyards. Ovronnaz enjoys a sweet and tonic climate at an height of 1'350 m. The views mystically pulling you are breath taking and spread in a wonderful mountain circus, offering sunshine and sight over the alps from Valais. It's definitely a part of paradise that I want to go back to.

In case your interested, here are a few more thermal baths I've visited. Some of my favorites include Zurzach near Baden, Ovronnaz nearest to Sion and Montreux, Morschach near Brunnen and Bad Ragaz near Litchenstein.

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