Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Above Zurich

Above Zurich
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I never posted this photo and I'm not really sure why. A few days ago when Ginnie started posting clocks, she got a comment about one of the biggest clocks in Zurich area. I knew I had a great shot of that clock from high above the city. It's St. Peters Church thanks to Tono for responding to help me.

So here is the shot overlooking down town Zurich. I can't remember the name of the clock but I'm sure I can either look it up or some of you can help me out.

If you ever visit Zurich be sure to do this climb up to the top of the church. It's located in Alstadt and costs 2CHF to a steep climb to the top of the city where you have 360 views all around. We did this on the first day we were here. I didn't take a large amount of photos just because I am a bit creeped out at heights but I still managed.

Below is the limmat river and in the distance there is the train station too.

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