Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We're Going on Vacation

swiss fields
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Well we are finally going on a much needed vacation. We really haven't been anywhere in almost an entire year. Last year it was Switzerland in August seen from this photo.

Since I'm in process for Canadian Immigration, we are staying in Canada as not to complicate issues.

We are going to be taking a small 5 day break during the middle of July in the Thomson-Okanagan Vally area. I seriously doubt I'll be blogging during those days but I certainly will have many photos to bring back with me. We will be staying in B&B's the entire time.

Yeah normally people go away to escape the heat, but we are going to it. I think we are a bit crazy considering the weather this week which has actually felt like summer (in the 30's). I've read this area is much like a Mediterranean climate or something like the Valley of California where I've lived during my University years. For me it will be exciting to see the nature around and relax taking it all in.

  • We plan on doing a bit of wine tasting.
  • A bit of visiting a few lakes to cool off.
  • Visiting a museum or two.
  • Enjoying ourselves in an area where we have never been.
  • Practicing my photography.

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