Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Beautiful Week

Stunning Sunset
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This week has started off so well, sun every day with great little clouds. Yesterday I tried taking a few photos which reminded me of this excellent shot I took while I was living on the outskirts of Basel. This is from the tiny village of St. Louis, France. The sunset appears to be exiting at the airport. It was quite the site for a few days. Have any of you seen incredible sunsets like this before there?

In other news, the kitten had it's second set of shots yesterday. He was so good and so spunky. All he really wanted to do was run around the vet office and play with mature cat. He was sprawling on the ground on his back taunting "Leo". It was so funny because he was summersaulting too. Such a site but sorry, it was just too much to have camera in tow as well. I'll leave it up to your imagination to figure that one out.

That's all for today. But World Cup is certainly on my mind as a few of you are actually getting close to going to these games!

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