Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just an Odd Day

Stunning Clouds
Originally uploaded by thnkfst.
While I'm sure almost everyone has heard something today saying it's 6/6/06. I wrote it that way so that even in Europe the date corresponds. It's just an odd day for me because really I've got stuff to do but it's definitely not normal.

On the nice side of things, the day here should be super sunny and wonderful. Really I hope to get in more photo practice. I've been reading a lot and I do have a few more photo tutorials I've been referred to. I'll post that when I can.

This photo I found way back in my library and have never shown it to anyone. I saw it and changed my mind that it is in fact a great photo. The reason why I didn't crop it was because those are vines overhead along with the roof just makes the photo that much more enticing to me. It's looking into Villeneuve from my yard in Montreux.

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