Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bern Clock

Bern Clock
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This is the astrological zytglogge tower clock in Bern. I took this pic last year while we were on vacation in Switzerland.

Soon after that time, I made a post about the clock and it's origins. It's actually 600 years old this year. I promised Ginnie I'd post the clock because she just loves this kind of stuff, as do I.

If you are interested in clocks, you should check out theby town of Biel which hosted the 2002 Expo. I actually had the pleasure of attending in early September 2002. Biel is also headquarters for Swatch which is just one of the many brands of watches.

Be sure to check out both of those links as there much more information (including other pics) than I'm going to provide before heading off to sleep.

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