Sunday, June 25, 2006

July Photo Hunt

July Photo Hunt
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TNChick is having a July Photo Hunt Contest. She is even giving a prize!! There is a theme and rules.

Go here to find out how and join in!

Photo #1 - (top left) It's the Peace Arch Crossing between the border of Canada and the US, going to Blaine, Washington. Since I'm originally from California and am permanently making my home in Canada, I thought it was only appropriate to find a photo with both flags in it. Little did I know this mile long backup would lead me to two flags.

Photo #2 - (top right) A few weeks ago, while I was running around in the car in North Vancouver, a fire truck came down the street unroute to a call. Luckily I had my tiny camera in my purse so I pulled it out fast enough to get almosst a full shot of the entire engine, which was a feat in itself for my slow shutter speed of a camera.

Photo #3 - (bottom left) Last Wednesday, I had time to kill down at Kitsilano Beach. It's located just across from down town and has many boats pulling out from the false creek area to go sailing on an especially beautiful evening. This was one red white and blue boat that just happened to pull up as I was taking photos of a few other boats.

Photo #4 - (bottom right) - Last year we went to two fireworks shows for the HSBC Celebration of Light in English Bay. This takes place at the end of July and shows off fireworks shows from 3 or 4 countries over the course of about 2 weeks. 30,000 plus people back into a small amount of space to see the show. It's a feat just getting there let alone figuring out how to get back home! It was my first try with my new camera and tripod in tow.

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