Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dog Tired

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I'm not into complaining and I don't like doing it because we all feel that way sometimes. So I hope to turn this into a funny story instead.

To start off, I woke up feeling and looking like a train wreck this morning. You know the type where your hair is going in all directions and your eyes just won't let you open them because they are sealed shut. I'll spare you a pic but I assure you it was down right funny looking.

So what do I attribute it to? A change in schedule, pollen in the air and longer days. So I'll live. Enough about that.

So do you know what I did yesterday? Took a van of girls to their new beach volleyball activity. We were hoping for better weather but the low front was moving in. It consisted with some wind and grey skies, and not really that pleasant to take photos. I wasn't really in the mood to take photos.

Maybe the dog tired part really got to me because as I paid for parking I locked my keys in the car for the first time ever in my life! Yes after 30 years and some 15 years of driving, I've never locked my keys in the car. I had to wait a while to get a spare since we weren't close to home. There was even a nice guy who asked if he could help which so assuring but still I felt so badly on my part. I guess things happen some times.

What I can say is that the weather is so rotten still. It's just not here in Vancouver where I keep thinking it's fall weather instead of Spring or Summer. Hurricane season also starts today where water temps are very high off the Atlantic.

Oh and one last thing, got myself a new lense for my camera yesterday. I'm hoping to use it and post a few pics in due time.

This photo I took last September at Sunset. It was a wonderful site and where I'll be frequenting more often this year.

Happy First Day of JUNE!!!

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