Tuesday, July 25, 2006

2 Days Playing Tourist

The past two days I have spent playing tourist in Vancouver. My first day was spent down town, shopping a bit, enjoying lunch and people watching. I got in a few funny photos but nothing all too exciting, just lots of sun and blue sky.

I guess my highlight of my tourist sightings was today at Grouse Mountain. I choose to do a bit of hiking to see the views over Vancouver, a bit of watching and a lot of photography. Here are a few highlights.

This is one of the Bears permanently dwelling up at Grouse. This bear was orphaned by it's mother when it was a cub (the mother probably died). Since it has been close to humans, it will always have to stay in a cage environment.

The lumber jack performance. It's mostly a show of strength with a twist of humor on the side.

These boys had a show down in the water which was so funny. Unfortunately many of my raw files were corrupt and I don't know why. This was the best of the bunch that didn't turn out to be 10cm's. I'm hoping maybe Ginnie or CS can help me here!

Is He Looking at Me?

The beautiful birds were certainly captivating. I was happy I got a few excellent shots in.

I also had a few great views from the top of the mountains but many of those pics are corrupt. I'll see what I can do in the next few days about getting a few more photos up.

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