Thursday, July 27, 2006


So I've finally found a solution for my Raw image problems. It's a long and slow process. Maybe I should be working on one photo at a time because it's taking forever! I've finally gotten my Graphic Converter program to stop thinking it can view all of my photos and corrupt them by making them 120x160. That's like thumbnail large but with 6mb of information lost! I'm using Nikon Capture to help curb the problem for now.

In other news, I just got off a 15 minute phone presentation from a company that claims I can get a free vacation to 3 places, all complimentary as long as you listen to their 90 minute sales pitch. 90 minutes is too long. But only if you prepay $200 for your reservation. Well give you back that money when you go to your vacation. Haha - what a joke! All these places require huge travel since they are on the East Coast. Anyone heard of this scam oh I mean great deal?

Summer At Grouse

Oh and I didn't get out to see the fireworks last night although I'm meeting someone tomorrow who might have. Any guesses?

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