Wednesday, July 05, 2006


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I took this photo last August when we spent a few hours in Lucern checking out the Lion exhibit and old town. It's always fun to go to Lucern for a few hours but I swear there is so much walking in this city that nobody can avoid. Biking is probably the best method of getting closer to everything.

One visit, I went out on one of those paddle boats. We didn't want to go out too far. It was a great way to get further out into the lake for a bit. But actually the best way is to take the Lucern Boat to Vitznau and beyond to places like Brunnen. But that lake is just too cold for me, but views of the Rigi are incredible. (That's if you don't get caught in the summer rain storms.)

Specialized has a funny tv commercial which shoots scenes in the Alps of Switzerland. They are really funny actually which is probably their goal. The theme is yodeling. Has anyone else seen these commercials?

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