Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nursery School Again

Yesterday was hair cut day. I took *mr. adorable in for his hair cut to a new place because every dog in Vancouver is scheduled for a hair cut right now. When I dropped him off, I felt like I was taking him into his first day of nursery school. It was so weird and so crazy. The poor guy, with hair covering his eyes and silver nail polish on his nails (thanks to the girls) was being forced to socialize with the others. I was so worried because our cut little buddy doesn't see other dogs much.

5 long hours later, we were back rushing to get him before the hour at the beach. In fact, mr. twist couldn't wait to say hello to his best friend, **Curious George the kitten turned dog. Once we got back to the house, mr twist ran in hoping to see dad, who wasn't around and then started looking for the kitten. I told him to give the kitten a kiss and that's what that adorable face did. It made me melt!

Now I can only hope I can either catch them in action or catch mr. twist howling because it's the cutest thing on earth. What I can't believe is how this little guy runs our 33 pounder by jumping onto his ears like George of the jungle. They are quite a riot together. And this is what George looked like the first day I saw him, 7 wks old.
Adorable! While both pets aren't mine, you might as well just say I'm part of their extended family somehow. And I should since I'm around mr twist more than his family.

*mr. adorable - not his real name.
**curious george - not the kittens name either but surely fitting.

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