Monday, July 10, 2006

Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks

Okay, I'm an old dog trying a new trick but I'm a new dog in the blogger world and this is my first time to do what's surely an old trick for the rest of you: writing a guest blog. BTW, am I supposed to tell you this is Ginnie from In Soul? I haven't a clue about how this works once I hit that "publish post" button.

When Expat invited me to be a guest on her blog (while she's on vacation, of course), my immediate reaction was to be very honored. Thank you, Expat.

Then I panicked! First of all, I've never done it before. Secondly, our fried DSL circuit is in the process of being replaced and, in the meantime, we're on dial-up. Aha! That would be my good excuse to get out of doing something new.

As you see, there's enough curiosity in me to kill even this dog (me, not Shadow!). I know Expat loves animals and will be smitten with this one. He's just now turning 2 and is still a pup at heart. Donica's mom bought him for Lee, her husband, but as things like this often happen, he (the dog) follows her around much more than Lee. Must be all her good cooking!

Anyway, here's to wishing Expat and P all the R&R they need during this time away. Traveling mercies, nice weather, great photo ops, and all that good stuff. They deserve it!

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