Friday, July 14, 2006

We're Back From Vacation

Ok - first off, major thanks to Ginnie for doing a guest post while we were gone. And yes I love the dog pic. :)

As it turns out, the area that we were in - Thompson-Okanagan, certainly didn't have internet. I was trying to take a good solid break from blogging since I normally never get away from it all. I definitely succeeded since I never once even looked at a computer, nor did I try to find one.

So here are a few quick highlights before I go off unpack and upload the pics. (At least one of us gaining a few extra quarks along the way.)

The weather was incredible.
Temps were from 26C to 30C, and just perfect for our liking.
It was a bit windy but we made sure to leave the majority of the rain behind.
A few beautiful thunder showers (15 mins max of rain at a time).
Pink Clouds and sunsets.
Lots of photos.
Lots of touring.
Lots of walking.
Lots of Relaxing.
And best of all, lots of wine.

And of course lots of time with P to be creative on what to do sans tv or computer. :) I'll be back with more photos to come. So we are back to the land of perpetual rain after visiting Canada's only desert.

Happy Bastille Day to Everyone living in France. I'm sure today was a lot of fun for you all. I got to take part in July 2003 and it was so much fun.

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