Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ambleside Morning

Ambleside Morning
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I had some great luck yesterday. Part of me is being very sarcastic when I say that but part of me isn't. The luck I had to view such a great morning yesterday was just heavenly. The other luck is just a bunch of scratches from a scared cat who clearly needs his shots so he can wander outside!

Ok - this photo is for Ginnie. I wanted her to melt at this site.

Mr. Twist and I went for a walk in the dog park yesterday morning. I decided to bring along my camera in my backpack just in case. Well the clouds and the color of the sky were just incredible.

After our walk, I went to the edge of the dog park and snapped away. This is just one of the lovely pics which turned out. Mr. Twist was on cloud nine and let me shoot away thankfully.

Mr. Twist on the other hand, also made me laugh so much. He keeps insisting that he walk me and even if we take the leash off, I must hold onto it. What's even more funny is that he'd rather communicate with people instead of all those weird dogs who only seem to bark at him when he wags his entire rear end to say hi.

I guess I'd be a convert too if dogs treated me that way. Above all, he's become demanding lately. We must play ball all day long. And well if I don't, he just looks at me as if I'm insane or something. I guess I'm insane or something because I refuse to spend my time amusing him the entire day!

Oh the life of a dog. And look at the views mr. twist enjoyed too.

For those of you who are curious. This shot was taken at Ambleside beach which is located in West Vancouver, on the North Shore. Ambleside has a great waterfront walk which I can only estimate must be close to 5km or more.

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