Friday, August 18, 2006

Lakeside Beauty

Lakeside Beauty
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I'll create some suspense here. Post to follow when I get time and find the link I've been searching for!

I'm trying to figure out where this hike actually was, but my problem is that I remember the general area and that is all. The best place to figure out hikes and such are from Let me tell you this site is incredible.

For now, I'm guessing this place must have been around Vionnaz or Vouvrey to Miex which is right behind Bouveret on the Lac Leman.

Here are the links in case the maps dont work.

I'll have to post more later as I'm off to the beach. I know such a hard life!

*** UPDATE *** With a little bit of help from my friends at Flickr, my photo made it to the top 10 for August 18th. As well, if you are lucky, you can find me on the front page of Explore.

I was also wrong about the location of the photo - It's Lake Tannay. I'll have to check it out tomorrow on a map.

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