Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Holding onto Summer

Savoring The Summer Beauty
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On August 30th, I was able to get out to Queen Elizabeth Park. One reason why I did this was because I knew all of the flowers and plants would be out.

They were vivid as ever and the sky was just breath taking. There's another reason also why I did this. It's because I know Ginnie wants to visit this place, time permitting. By the time she arrives, I'm sure Autumn will be in full bloom. Can you imagine how beautiful this place will look.

I love seeing the phases this park goes through. The most depressing time is when the snow hits in December and January. But there is one great pleasure to turn your eyes to. It's that sphere seen in the right side of this photo. That sphere is called Bloedel Gardens and it's also where P and I were married.

On one other note, I'm going to make the effort to take off for a noon masters swim as much as my schedule permits. Today will be my first day as it only goes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays. I'll be needing another swim suit in due time too... Imagine that, I'm swimming again...

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