Sunday, September 03, 2006

Montreux Architecture

Montreux Architecture
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Yesterday we took a small trip out to White Rock, which is situated right at the border of Washington State and Canada. You can literally see the US border from many points along the beach in fact.

Both P and I aren't too much into soaking up the sun as we would rather walk around, talk and people watch much more. One thing we noticed was that Which Rock is a pretty resort town. We often consider moving here because of the prices of houses are much cheaper than in our beloved North Vancouver.

We both agreed that even with my first love being Montreux, the North Shore comes in at a close second. Our incredible weather here this summer certainly makes us see this.

1. We have everything here within reach as does Montreux.
2. We have scenic views and sunsets to die for as does Montreux.
3. We have great summer weather as does Montreux.
4. We are close to water and close to Mountains, as does Montreux.
5. Both areas are very family oriented.
6. Both areas are clean and like to preserve the landscape and surroundings.

Here is one sample of a building I fell in love with while living in Montreux. This is actually situated right next to the hospital and only 4 levels up from the water. I took the photo from the park near the house. If you'd like to learn more on the photos history, just click on it.

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