Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Photography News And More

Last night was my first photography class. We had 9 people in all show up, all were incredibly interesting. We really didn't do more than get to know each other and watch the teacher get organized and pass out a few forms.

The teacher who is also a professional photographer is pretty darn entertaining. He has a lot of jobs going on at a regular basis, many with some popular stars (even Bill Cosby). I was getting a bit scared when he said he really didn't know much about digital photography, but it's more a matter of camera specifics than how he shoots with is own equipment. He's been in business for over 20 years now and even did 5 posters with the Canucks!

Next week we are doing a lecture on tripods and supposedly I'm going to be their portrait model. Gee thanks!

The highlight of the evening was when I walked into the class and my eagle eyes spied the teacher checking out the dating site "Plenty of Fish". I just about fell to the floor in laughter!!

Our homework - to read part of the manual. If you know me well, I'm a visual learner. I'm not so sure how well this will be going for me!

We will be having a photo contest of which the theme is people. We can present up to 3 printed 5x7's. There are also 2 field trips, 1 at night (during class) and another day field trip.

** More news on the immigration front **
I sent off for my FOSS notes yesterday. So it's a hurry up and wait forever now process.

I did find out from this immigration forum some extra information which is sort of useful to me.

"The exception to this - when a file leaves CPC-V before being decided - is if they need an interview to determine if the relationship is genuine, in which case the file is transferred to the local CIC office before AIP. "

I guess this is what has happened to my application! Okay so annoying but they will feel so stupid once they interview us... So hurry up and wait more!

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